Week of June 4th, 2012What we are working on:

We are currently studying how advertisements in different mediums use the powers of persuasion to influence consumers. We have discussed the concepts of 'target audiences' and looked at some very famous ad campaigns. The booklet to be completed can be located here:

Homework for the Weekend of March 30th, 2012:

Please complete a five-seven sentence summary for Chapter 5. The Chapter 1-6 quiz will take place on Tuesday, April 3rd. It will be the last task completed before our spring break!

Homework for March 29th, 2012:

Heads up - we will be having a quiz based on content between Chapters 1 and 6. Here is the worksheet for Chapter 4:

Homework for March 27th, 2012:

Chapter 3 Questions are due. We will be marking them in class first thing on Wednesday morning. Students not finished will be joining me in homework club after school to catch up.

Homework for March 23rd, 2012: Chapter 2 Considered Response:

§Loyalties during a war are often divided along family lines. People are often asked to do things they would not normally do and are put into situations that are extreme.

§Consider how you would react if you were asked to fight against (an perhaps kill) your father or mother, cousin or other close relative. How would you feel if you had to fight against your best friend? (Remember how much you love the country you’re fighting for)

Homework for March 23rd, 2012:Chapter 1 Summary

You must summarize the MAIN points for the first chapter of "Bully Boys"
- They must be in full sentences (less than five is too few, more than seven is too many)
There will be a homework check at the beginning of class so please be prepared.

external image 51SDzJpurAL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU15_.jpgWe have started our new novel study - The Bully Boys! For information about the War of 1812
Back to the Future handout:
(Social Studies 7 site: Normandeau Social 7)

We are working on Figurative Language and Poetry. Next week, the students will be writing their own poems while interpreting the works of some other famous poets.

Welcome to Normandeau English Language Arts 7.

So far so good! I've seen some excellent writing so far this year! We need to work on a few things, but no worries - writers are always improving. Just a friendly reminder to bring your journals to every class - you never know when there might be cause to write in it (or hand it in!)

Here is a link for Self-Assessment that will help you understand how you work in class: Alberta Learning Self Assessment

For homework, and other minor assignments, please use the following marking guide.

ELA 7 Homework Marking Guideline

Letter Grade
You have completed this to the fullest explanation and have proven yourself. You are well prepared for the next evaluation. Your writing is clear and precise.
Your work is exemplary and goes beyond what is required. You have no errors in writing.
Your work is well done but there is still some explanation missing. Your writing is clear and usually precise.
You have completed your homework with some good explanation and you have some proof. You need to do just a bit more to fully answer the question and be prepared for the next evaluation. Your writing is clear but not always precise.
You have more than one idea and you begin to explain it with one or more examples. Your writing is clear and sometimes precise.
You have one or more ideas with some explanation that may or may not explain. Your writing is less clear and imprecise.
You have not proven yourself in this response and have not fully explained yourself. You need to add more information and explain yourself better. You are not prepared for the next evaluation until you improve this question. Your writing is unclear and not precise.
You have more than one idea, with some explanation but it is still not complete. Work on your writing to make it clear.
You have more than one idea but it is not explained. Your writing is very unclear and not at all precise.
This response is not proven and is not explained very much. This should be redone to prepare yourself for the next evaluation. Your writing does not allow for understanding.
There was some attempt made but there were too many errors in thought or writing.
You have one idea only and it is not explained or well written.
This is the barest attempt made at doing this assignment. You are not prepared at all for the next evaluation. You make little attempt to write in a meaningful way.
Work was done but it was not on task or does not make sense.
Not handed in.
For a printable copy of this chart, please download the following file: